5 Mindset Hacks That Will Change Your Life!

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The world's best CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders all have one thing in common... they have amazing inner dialogue.

Their "self talk" keeps them going despite the obstacles and challenges. Their unique mindset helps them stay consistent day in and day out.

Very often, how you think can be the major difference maker between success and failure... between quitting or sticking it with it.

Having been around so many of the world's top performers, I've noticed some common themes. And in this webinar, I'm sharing 5 mindset hacks that have helped them all rise to the top.

Following this webinar, you'll be able to immediately implement and use these strategies in your business and daily life. Get ready to:

  • Learn specific things you can say (and avoid saying) to be a better leader.
  • Rewire your inner dialogue and self talk to develop a winner's mindset.
  • Have more confidence in how you approach your goals.
  • Think and react differently when faced with obstacles.
  • Recreate the environment in your head to feel unstoppable!

With a life resume that includes starting and selling 5 big businesses, finishing the world's craziest endurance races like Ultraman, biking across America, 100 mile runs, 29029 Everesting, and living with monks and Navy SEALs, Jesse brings decades of unique experiences, perspective, mindset, and an unconventional approach to help you set and achieve big goals.

Whether you're looking for motivation, inspiration, or a high energy call to show you how to tackle your biggest goals and develop a stronger mindset, you won't want to miss this one!