Things Could Be Better

Let's try an experiment.  
How could you make your workout routine different?  
Take a moment and really think about it. 
Do you have a way to make it different? 
Okay.  Are you sure? 
You got it? 
You ready to share it with me? 
Before you reply to this email with your answer, here's something fascinating: According to studies, around 90% of people answer these types of questions only with ways in which things could be improved, even though the study didn't specifically ask how things could be improved.
Instead, it asked how things could be different.
The researchers conducted eight different studies to test the results across different demographics, languages, structures, and subjects. The results remained consistent across all these variables, which indicates that we have a natural tendency towards improvement. This bias highlights why it's difficult for people to feel satisfied with their current state, and their lives in general. We always believe that things could be better.
Also, this bias provides insight into human progress. Our desire for growth and improvement is innate. It's in our DNA, irrespective of our nationality, race, or gender. We're wired to move forward. 
That level of consistency is rare in psychology. In a world where negativity seems prevalent, the significant bias towards improvement from all of these people is surprising. 
So, my thought for today... be proud! Be proud of your current workout routine. Be proud of where you're at.
Sure, things could be better... but the reality is that you're wired to think that things need to be improved. Next time you're feeling stuck with your routine, start with trying something different instead of searching for more!