Multicolor Adhesive Labels (5 Color Sheets of 20 Each)

Sale price$6.99
Color: Primary Colors (Come w/ Calendar)

Add Color to Your Calendar! 100 Total labels & 20 labels per color/sheet

**Designed for The Big A## Calendar™ 2025 and The Big Class Calendar**

Your goals and important dates stand out now more than ever before! We're introducing multicolor labels that stick to your calendar and don't fall off. Write on them or use them to mark upcoming events, races, trips, and more! 

✅ The labels are fully backed with adhesive that will allow for easy pealing and ability to reapply without leaving an adhesive residue. The dry-erase markers are permanent on these labels.

✅ Use 5 different colors to distinguish your goals and important dates from one another. You can even create your own color-coordinated system! Green could be for trips, pink could be for birthdays, etc.

✅ Add some color and vibrancy to your important dates! Remember: visibility is key to tracking and completing your goals!