Jesse's 3 Planning Non-Negotiables

1. Misogi

Everyone Needs a Misogi

When you look back at last year, what was the one MAJOR accomplishment or experience that defined it?

That's what the misogi is about: putting one year-defining event on your calendar. From publishing a book, to running a 100-mile race, to launching a podcast, to becoming a private pilot. The Big A## Calendar™ community has accomplished incredible goals year after year.

Jesse's 2023 Misogi

The idea behind a misogi is about taking on a challenge that sets the tone for your entire year. In 2023, Jesse defined his year with a cross-country bike ride with 10 of his closest friends. Hundreds of miles each day, he created lifelong memories and will forever look at 2023 as the year he rode across the country.

Barry K. | Completed his 2023 Misogi

Misogi completed!

I was at Snowbasin last weekend for a 29029 event and got the red hat for 'Everesting,' achieving a vertical elevation gain of 29029 feet, equal to that of Mt. Everest. I will treasure these memories forever. That’s what a Misogi is all about!

Meredith N. | Completed her 2023 Misogi

Today, I walked/ran/walked my 3rd 5K for 2023... and I feel ACCOMPLISHED (also really tired and sweaty, but 100% accomplished)! I finished what I started, and that's a huge win!!!

Phil S. | Completed his 2023 Misogi

Misogi complete! We’ve been practicing since March. Finally played out at open mic night. We did 3 tunes, and they asked us to do 2 more. It was awesome!

2. Kevin's Rule

Ready for a Year Full of Mini Adventures?

If you take one day every other month and do something that you normally wouldn't do, you will add 6 new adventures this year that you otherwise wouldn't have had.

You might take a family ski trip, join a cooking class, run a race, or go on an amazing hike or local tour. Kevin's Rule is all about creating time for new experiences. Because the more you experience in life, the more you have to offer!

3. Winning Habits

Don't Underestimate the Power of Small Habits.

Adding a new winning habit every quarter can improve your health, your mindset, your relationships, your work, and your life. It's all about taking small steps and building toward an outstanding routine. Work in 4 new habits this year and watch how they transform your life!

Drink More Water

Nutritionists recommend drinking our body weight in ounces daily. 200 lbs. = 200 ounces daily.

Daily Meditation

Take just 10 minutes every day to become more present and to get your mind right.

Reach Out

Send handwritten notes to the important people in your life. Let them know when you're thinking of them!

Read 10 Pages a Day

Winning is all about consistency, and this habit sets the foundation for daily discipline.

Always on Time

Make it a habit to never be late to a meeting or appointment. Show others you respect your time.

The Math is Simple

If you add up these three things, you'll not only have an unforgettable year, but you'll create an unforgettable LIFE! If you're 30 years old right now and live to 80, you'll have added 50 year defining events and 300 mini adventures. That's a heck of a life. Use The Big A## Calendar™ to do more of the things your love to do with the people you love to do them with!

The Ultimate Planning Tool

The Big A## Calendar™ is the best tool for visualizing your entire year and adding your misogi, Kevin's Rules, winning habits, and more!


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