10 Strategies To Grow Your Business And Influence

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FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I'm making my 60-minute business coaching session available to the public.

In this webinar, I teach the same exact strategies that I've used over the years to grow my business, get more leads, and retain customers. You will walk away with immediate actionable steps to help you build deep, authentic relationships with your team, clients, prospects, suppliers and influencers.

In the past, I have only taught these principles to those in my coaching program, or for corporations that hired me to do this training. But based on the overwhelming positive feedback, I decided to make it available to everyone!

I have been in business for over 30 years. I have successfully exited 5 companies. My career has been built on relationships and networking. These are the same strategies I taught my team at Marquis Jet and my other businesses... and I can't wait to share them with you!

By the end of this coaching session, you will know how to:

  1. Reach 1,000 new contacts, influencers, friends, and prospects.
  2. Build and maintain better business contacts and relationships.
  3. Create and deliver an effective elevator pitch.
  4. Directly reach decision makers and stand out from your competition.
  5. Use gifting and communication strategies to boost renewals and land more deals!

If you're building a business or leading a team, you won't want to miss this! This coaching session is for you if you're:

  1. A business owner and want to expand your network.
  2. In sales and want to reach more prospects in an authentic way.
  3. Looking to boost the retention rate for your business and get more referrals.
  4. Starting your own business and want to learn from someone who has grown multiple businesses over 30+ years.
  5. Trying to discover networking hacks that cost you no money to implement.
  6. Simply aiming to become better at building relationships as a friend, leader, partner, or parent!

Let's get started RIGHT NOW!