My hair's been my thing forever.
My hair is like Fonzi’s leather jacket, or for my younger audience, it's like Timothée Chalamet's cheekbones; something instantly recognizable, a signature feature that holds a certain kind of magic, a staple in the aesthetic that people have come to associate with me.
My hair is everything, man. And I shaved it on stage. At a speaking event, with 4,000 people bearing witness, I sought to underline the difference between can versus will, the divergence between one’s ability to do something and the actual resolve to carry it out.
This wasn't just an act of bravado on my part; it was me throwing down the gauntlet, saying, "Hey, don't just think about what you can do, explore what you will do."
It’s a big world out there with lots of competition. People are ready to steal the limelight while you're wondering 'Should I?' or 'Shouldn't I?'
And here's a little secret to tipping the scales from can to will: put it on your calendar. 
Once it’s there, it suddenly becomes this real, tangible thing you are committing to do. It stops being a 'maybe someday' and starts being a 'yes, on this day.'
It’s a small step, but you’ll be surprised how it creates a shift, transforming possibilities into actions, drawing the future into the present, urging you to act not because you can, but because you decided you will.
It’s about taking control and making a deliberate choice to stand out, to be the difference, and to set the bar higher for yourself than anyone else could.
Remember, in a world of can, dare to be the will.

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