Normal Is Broken!

As an entrepreneur, I've learned that to be successful, you have to think differently.
You have to be willing to take risks and pursue unconventional ideas.
This is what I like to call irrational thinking, and it's what has helped me achieve some of the greatest achievements in my life.
Running Ultraman, starting Marquis Jet, writing a book, and most recently riding my bike across America—all of these things were irrational, but they all ended up being the best decisions that I ever made.
They were moments of thinking differently and taking risks, rather than sticking to what I've been taught and what's considered "normal."
And let's face it, what we've been taught isn't always working. We live in a world where many people are overweight, sick, and struggling to make ends meet... where people become complacent and stuck in their ways whether they know it or not.
Rational thinking isn't getting us very far.
But by embracing irrational thinking, we can break free from the norm and create a life that's fulfilling, exciting, and full of adventure... and success by our own definition.
It's about being open to new ideas and taking risks, even if they seem crazy or impossible.
So, what do you say? Why not try thinking irrationally the next time you set a goal for yourself.
I believe in this so much so, I created a course called Normal is Broken, so that you can adopt this same  perspective and apply it to your life. I kept every module short and to the point, each packed with value. In just 4 hours, at your own pace, let's break down the concept of "normal" and leave you with a mindset shift that you can apply to business, parenting, relationships, health and wellness, and more. Check it out here.

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