Mentor or Tormentor?

I've told you this before, but Living With a Seal started as a blog and then turned into a book. 
But before I decided to go to publishers, I talked about it.
I’d mention it at work, on a jog, or out to dinner with friends. It's important to set intention and let the universe know that you WILL do something. But there is also a risk...
Here are responses I heard from saying: I’m going to turn my blog into a book.
"Do you really think you have what it takes to write a book? So many people try to write books, and most of them never get published.
Wouldn't you rather focus on something more practical? Writing a book takes a lot of time and energy.
Aren't there enough books out there already? What makes you think you'll be any different? What if no one wants to read it?"
These are the kinds of negative voices that can easily creep into your mind and camp out for weeks when you dare to dream big, step out of your comfort zone, and declare your intentions to the world.
The truth is, these voices can be relentless, and they have the power to hold you back.
But here's the key to success: Don't let anyone tell you how not to do something.
When you're pursuing your dreams, especially if they seem audacious or unconventional, it's almost guaranteed that you'll encounter doubters, skeptics, and naysayers.
Those voices of doubt can be deafening, and it's easy to succumb to their influence. This is where the role of a great coach or mentor becomes paramount.
A great coach, mentor, or supporter not only provides you with the tools and strategies to achieve your goals, but also helps you distinguish between the voices that push you forward (the mentor) and those that hold you back (the tormentor).
They guide you in developing the mental resilience to overcome the doubts and fears that come your way.
So, remember this: the path to success is often lined with two distinct voices—the mentor, who believes in your potential, and the tormentor, who doubts your abilities.
With the guidance of a great coach, you'll learn to silence the tormentor and focus on the mentor's unwavering belief in your capabilities. Find those supporters in your life. And don't let anyone tell you how not to do something. 

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