How To Ace Sales

Let’s pretend I’m hiring for a sales job at All Day Running Co.
We need someone who will pound the pavement literally and metaphorically.
Someone who will be creative and add value.
There are five candidates who are equally qualified.
So, I ask one final question in the interview: I have a nephew applying to college; SELL me why he should attend your college.
Based on their responses, who would you hire?
Maya Patel (American University): "American University is the place for your nephew. It offers an unrivaled focus on international relations and public affairs right in the heart of Washington, D.C., providing endless opportunities for high-profile internships and real-world political engagement. It’s the best!"
Jake Thompson (University of Georgia): "UGA is the ultimate choice for an electrifying college experience. Imagine football games that bring the whole campus to life, a vibrant spirit, and top-notch academics. It's the perfect blend of sports fervor and educational excellence." 

Olivia Martinez (Ohio University): "Ohio University is unbeatable for a blend of vibrant social life and strong academics. The campus is alive with an incredible bar and party scene in Athens, providing a well-rounded and unforgettable college experience. OU, Oh Yeah!"

Jason Kondi (Pepperdine University): "Pepperdine in Malibu offers not just stunning views but also a unique approach to education. It combines rigorous academic programs with a commitment to personal and ethical growth, ensuring a holistic development."

Keith Savitz (University of Colorado): "Well, it depends. What’s your nephew looking for in college? Knowing his priorities in terms of academics, environment, and campus culture will help me give you the proper recommendation. It may be Colorado, which I love of course, or he may find a better fit somewhere else!"
Remember, it’s always about what the client wants, not just what you have to sell.

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