Coaching Matters... A Lot

You might be familiar with the phrase, “We got outcoached.”
It often goes like this: “We had the better team, but they outcoached us!”
In my early years, my dad was my coach. He taught me the importance of showing up and putting my heart into everything I do.         
He guided me on how to be a man, a good business partner, friend, husband, and father.
Since then, I’ve made it my mission to surround myself with outstanding mentors and coaches.
I was fortunate to have an exceptional business mentor, Bob Stillman, who acquired over 80 companies. My mindset coach, David Goggins, was equally influential. I've lived with Navy Seals and monks, who were extraordinary coaches in spirituality, wellness, and life perspective. Harvey Diamond, an author who sold 15 million books, shaped my views on nutrition.
For areas like breathwork, meditation, fasting, endurance, and public speaking, I sought the best coaches in the world.
I've discovered that being well-rounded is not just vital for personal development, but also for business success.
I realize that many people don't have the opportunity to have such role models in their lives.
So, you might be reading this thinking: Thanks a lot, Jesse, this is of no help to me. I can’t afford to pay the best coaches in the world to teach me some stuff. 
No, maybe you can’t.
So, while you might not have access to the world's top coaches, remember the most valuable lesson of all, one that doesn't cost a dime but makes all the difference:
The key to unlocking your greatest potential lies in being coachable and teachable, always open to learning and growing. My dad taught me that. 
And if you ever get the chance to watch people who are sitting where you want to be... and from a front row seat... take it!

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