September 11 to November 3


Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and reach peak performance in 8 weeks!

Jesse personally invites you to join!

The program topics include: 

  • Scaling Your Business for Growth

  • Unlocking the Secrets to Fundraising

  • Maximizing Retention, Generating Referrals, and Cultivating Relationships

  • Navigating the Start and Exit Strategies

  • Thinking Outside the Box

  • Assembling an Exceptional Team

  • Achieving Work-Life Balance in the Fast-Paced World of Entrepreneurship

  • Building a Vibrant Workplace Culture and Community

Live Coaching Calls

Join Jesse and his team of expert coaches for eight weekly live calls. Each session focuses on a vital business growth topic, complete with interactive Q&A and open discussions. Enhance your entrepreneurial journey with personalized guidance from industry leaders!

Overnight Retreat!

This 8-week transformative journey culminates in an unforgettable overnight retreat just outside of Atlanta on November 2-3, 2023.

Join Jesse and his team for a memory-creating experience filled with valuable networking, special guest speakers, invigorating sauna and cold plunge sessions, and a final physical challenge.

Weekly training &
nutrition plans

Welcome to Jesse's way: a unique blend of mental and physical wellness to form the foundation for a balanced life and thriving business.

Here, pushing boundaries together is our way to elevate mindsets and forge lasting bonds.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness adventure, our Entrepreneurial Bootcamp is tailored for you. With weekly training and nutrition plans designed for all levels, we ensure that everyone can thrive.

Included in this 8-week program are resources to prepare you for the final retreat challenge. Regular office hours with our coaches add an extra layer of support, accountability, and success, ensuring that you emerge looking and feeling your absolute best.

a remarkable team

The Entrepreneurial Bootcamp offers direct access to Jesse and his team, an exclusive members-only app, and a powerful community of like-minded entrepreneurs. This is the place to be to find the support, education, and inspiration you need to take your business to the next level.

Join me for an 8-week deep dive into business and fitness

This is your chance to hit the reset button. This program runs September 11 through November 3. The retreat is scheduled for November 2-3, 2023, just outside of Atlanta. The application process is quick and easy requiring only a few minutes of your time.


Life changing moments & memories! The amount of personal and professional growth I’ve experienced in this program is remarkable.  The appeal of the JI365 program is the unique blend of adventure, mastermind mentoring, dedicated 1:1 coaching, and a strong community bond of wonderful people. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!

- Michael Goldberg

This program has provided me with the tools to organize and optimize my life. With the value learned from my coaching sessions,  I have learned how to organize my days as a twin mom and entrepreneur. It has been a gift to be in this program. ♥️

- Sofia Christiakis 

This program has helped me redefine what's possible for me as a dad, husband, athlete, and businessperson. The coaching is precise and actionable, and the accountability is sky-high. The community is so supportive too. I've made friends I'll have for life.

- Founder and CEO of Rebel Culture and Skyrocket Education 

I entered Jesse's program looking into a high powered mastermind of "movers and shakers" and half way into the year I received so much more. My personal wellness soared as good nutrition habits got better and 15 pounds disappeared, the amount of play time tripled as I incorporated world travel, a polar expedition, other "lifetime experiences" all into this year. And yes I still met awesome high performers too.

- Mark Anthony


  • Weekly Business Coaching Calls

    • 8 Live Interactive Group Business Coaching Calls (1 Each Week)
    • Time for Open Q&A
  • Weekly Fitness Plans

    • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Training Plans to prepare for our Final In-Person Challenge
    • Weekly Nutrition Plans
    • Weekly Guided Breathwork Sessions
  • overnight retreat

    • Overnight Event with Jesse and his team, Guest Speakers, and the Final Physical Challenge about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta
    • November 2-3, 2023
  • networking

    • Access to Jesse and his Insider Group of Coaches and Mentors
    • Access to Our Member App with Exclusive Community Benefits and Networking Opportunities

Sep. 11 - Nov. 3

Whether you're a new entrepreneur, a seasoned business leader, or a CEO, this 8-week journey is designed for you. Dive into essential topics like leadership, culture, growth, and exit strategies, all tailored to empower your unique business stage.

Worried about the physical challenge? Fear not! Our dedicated coaches and nutritionists have crafted an 8-week training and nutrition program to guide all fitness levels to the final challenge. We'll ensure you're mentally and physically ready to face the demands of entrepreneurship.

Join us and fellow entrepreneurs for an epic, hands-on experience that promises to elevate you to the next level in business and fitness.

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