Word To Your Mother

"I'm going to Bhutan," Sara said.

"Bhutan?" I echoed. "Is that a new bakery? Do they have smoothies?"

"No, Jesse," she said. "Bhutan is a country in the Himalayas. And I'm going there with Richard Branson and a group of incredible people. We’re going on a charitable adventure."

As she shared her plans, I couldn't help but be amazed by her adventurous spirit.

I mean, Bhutan might as well have been on another planet for all I knew.

And there she was, ready to embark on this incredible journey for a good cause.

It didn't take long for me to realize the magnitude of her absence.

As soon as that door closed and Sara left on her 14-day adventure, I found myself alone with our four kids.

Every day was a relentless barrage of questions like, "When is mommy coming home?" "Is mommy back yet?" "Where's mommy?"

On the way, Sara called me from Korea during a layover, and it hit me just how far she was from home.

I mean, if you're in Korea on a layover, you're pretty darn far away from your destination, right?

I felt a sense of admiration for her. Her willingness to embrace the unknown to travel to far-off lands for a charitable mission was nothing short of inspiring. She’s the best!

That first night, I had all four kids sleeping in my room, and I quickly realized the tremendous responsibilities that Sara handles with such grace and love.

From laundry to preparing different meals for each kid's preferences, I had a newfound appreciation for all that she does day in and day out.

Lincoln with his grass-stained clothes to Tepper craving omelets, Charlie's bloody elbow, and Lazer’s aversion to homework – it was a crash course in parental multitasking.

Through those two and a half weeks, I experienced firsthand the love, dedication, and sheer hard work that Sara pours into our family every day. She is the heart and soul of our home, and I couldn't be more grateful for her.

So, as Valentine's Day is upon us, I want to take this opportunity to honor my incredible wife, Sara, publicly.

You are a superhero in our lives, and your unwavering love and commitment inspire us all. Thank you for everything you do.

With love,


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