Want to Learn a Magic Trick?

I can’t explain it, but it works like magic.
Ready? Here it is.
Do something nice for someone and don’t tell a soul about it. Nobody. Not your mom, your boyfriend, girlfriend, the guy behind you at Starbucks, nobody. You can’t tell anyone, or the magic doesn’t work.
You see, the golden rule of a magician, often regarded as the cardinal principle in the art of magic, is to never reveal the secrets behind their tricks.
The same thing applies here. When you do something nice for someone and keep it a secret something inside of you glows. It lights up your insides. I don’t know... but it’s powerful.
Perhaps it’s like the Force from Star Wars or better yet, Mr. Miyagi’s magic touch.
I’ll share one of my old ones with you because I am no longer able to do it. Back in the 90’s in New York City an elderly person lived on my floor. He typically had crutches, a bad back, and a hard time bending down.
So, every morning I would find his delivered New York Times tossed down the hall and move it to right outside his door and prop it up, so it'd be easier for him to pick it up.
I never told him, never told my friends or co-workers. Nobody. Kept it to myself. And something inside of me glowed.
So, I challenge you to find an opportunity to do a random act of kindness without seeking recognition or reward. And then sit back and feel the magic.

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