Monkey Bars

I’ve got a quick parenting hack to share, one that I stumbled upon thanks to a neighbor when I lived in Brookhaven, Georgia.
My son Lazer used to play across the street with another little boy, and one day, I couldn't help but notice how incredibly strong this four-year-old looked—picture a miniature Arnold Schwarzenegger, complete with rippling muscles.

Intrigued, I asked the kid's dad what his secret was, and he revealed that from a very young age, he introduced his son to monkey bars.

The child had been unknowingly building his upper body strength by swinging, hanging, and even doing pull-ups. He played on them all day, every day.

Inspired, I immediately got a gymnastics bar for my living room. Both of my kids, Charlie and Lincoln, took to it like fish to water, advancing to monkey bars in no time.

Today, they're both incredibly strong, with Charlie even training to break the national pull-up record for his age group.

I’ve since been recommending monkey bars to all my friends. After all, think back a hundred or two hundred years: kids were climbing trees, carrying things, pulling, swinging, and climbing—all activities that built their strength naturally.

In our modern, indoor-centric world, monkey bars can help bring some of that natural strength-building back into our kids' lives, and ours!