Living With The Monks

I believe that everyone should live on a monastery. Or is it at a monastery? I never know. Anyway…
Our greatest superpower is being in tune with our intuition, but it seems like technology has stripped this from us. With so many inputs from Siri, Google, and Alexa it becomes impossible to focus.
And from the constant opinions from the media, it can be hard to even have time to think for ourselves. We're told what to do, what to think, and even what to eat and drink.
There’s way too much noise.
And I believe we’re trending in the wrong direction. But living on a monastery can change that.
Now I realize we all can’t drop everything we’re doing and go live on a monastery, but you don't actually need to do that to reap the benefits. Silence truly is golden: Studies show that just two minutes of silence a day can better relax the body than classical Bach. And two hours of quiet can generate brand new cells in the brain linked to learning and emotion. 
By taking away all distractions and noise, it forces us to reconnect with our gut. And when we do, we tap into the greatest superpower ever invented. It's like discovering a hidden treasure within us, waiting to be uncovered.
By being in tune with our intuition, we can make decisions with confidence, guided by our inner wisdom.
I challenge you to find five minutes of silence today. Just sit with it, feel it, embrace it.

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