It's About That Time

Years ago, I was inspired to create a unique type of watch. One that doesn't tell time.
Yes, you heard that right... a watch that doesn't tell time.
Instead, it's just numbered one through 365. There are no hands, no second count, and no digital readout. You just know it's the fourth, fifth, or the 320th day of the year. That’s it. It just flips days.
This idea came to me when I was on Necker Island with Richard Branson.
I noticed that the guy's never wearing a watch, and people would be like, "Richard, it's lunchtime."
And he'd be like, "Oh, alright, let's go eat."
Richard, it's dinnertime. "Ah, let's stop wrestling alligators, and go chow down."
And then it’s the next day.
This whole island time, it's just like, it's light, and it's dark. There's no calendar. It's light, and it's dark.
I'm thinking, "This is unbelievable!"
That's when it hit me. The pressure of time is a man-made construct. Tracking time is useful to help us organize our lives, but it's also something that can be limiting and a source of stress and anxiety.
We're always racing against the clock, trying to meet deadlines or counting down the minutes to some pre-determined time to do something.
But what if we could let go of time, even for a little while? What if we could just be present in the moment without worrying about what time it is, what we need to do next, or how much time we have left?
That's what my watch was all about. It's a reminder to live in the present moment, to enjoy each day as it comes, and not to be so obsessed with time ticking away right there on your wrist. It's a symbol of freedom, of letting go of the constraints of time and just living life to the fullest.
Not everyone will appreciate a watch like this. And of course people need to know what time it is, for work and for personal reasons.
But when you want to take a break from the constant pressure of time and want to live a more mindful and present life, one day at a time, this watch is perfect. 
If, in a few years, you’re walking down the street and ask someone what time it is, and then they look at their watch and say, it’s day 230... take a deep breath and enjoy the momentary freedom from the pressure of tracking time.