Finish Like A Champion

I vividly remember my first 100-mile race.
As I approached mile 99, I was physically and mentally drained. My dream was to cross the finish line triumphantly, with friends cheering me on like Rocky.
But reality hit hard. It was a grueling struggle, with each step feeling like an eternity.
Then, with just a quarter mile to go, and the finish line in sight, a fellow runner passed by and told me to "finish like a champion."
Finish like a champion.
Despite my exhaustion and frustration, his words resonated deeply. But I was too tired.
I barely stumbled through the end holding onto my pacers.
As I reflected on that moment, I couldn't shake the feeling of regret. I had finished a hundred-mile race, but not like I wanted to.
I thought about it every day for years until I toed the line at another 100 miler. But that time, even though I was still tired and broken, I puffed my chest, smiled, and crossed the finish line feeling like a champion. 
And it’s not just races that I’m talking about. This principle applies to business and everyday tasks. 
Everyone always asks my wife, Sara, the same question. Whether it's on podcasts, after a speech, or in interviews, the number one question she gets is, "How'd you start Spanx?"
But what people often overlook is the importance of how you finish. Finishing strong is just as crucial as getting started. If you don't exit your business in the right way, you risk leaving much of your hard work on the table. 
So whether you're crossing the finish line at a race, exiting your business, or simply cleaning up your room, how you finish the task says a lot about your character. And it will affect how you feel about yourself.

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