Embracing the Journey

I've been on TV, radio, podcasts and even had the honor of being interviewed by the New York Times.
But nothing quite matched the thrill and nervous excitement I felt when I learned that the New Yorker wanted to feature me.
Perhaps it's because I'm a New Yorker at heart (Exit 37 – iykyk) but being in those iconic pages was something beyond my wildest dreams. And man, I’ve had some wild dreams.
For any writer, thinker, or entrepreneur, a New Yorker feature is not just an honor; it's a recognition that your story, your journey, resonates with a narrative that has chronicled some of modern history's most influential and inspiring figures.
It felt like a validation, a nod from the universe that said, 'You're on the right path.'
And I think I am. I've always believed in challenging the norms of the motivational speaking world and self-help industry.
Rather than focusing on material success, I've encouraged people to strive for something deeper, to not lose sight of what really matters in life, to become "spiritual billionaires."
My journey was anything but ordinary. I've constantly sought new challenges from my early days as a rapper to launching several successful businesses, including the co-founding of Marquis Jet, Zico Coconut Water, and 29029 Everesting. And most recently Runningman, a running festival that provides an experience like no other on this planet.
At the heart of my approach is the belief that genuine pride comes from overcoming challenges that force us to tap into our inner strengths.
Reflecting on my journey, I realize my method is more than just about physical endurance. It's about personal growth, building a sense of community, and breaking through the barriers we set for ourselves.
Despite the inherent challenges in making personal motivation resonate on a larger scale, I've remained dedicated to reforming the industry.
My aim has always been to inspire others to push beyond their boundaries and find fulfillment in their lives.
You know, there are days when I think we should flip the script on the term 'SELF-HELP' and start calling it 'HELP-SELF.'
Because everything starts with 'Self.' It's about shifting our focus from constantly seeking advice and guidance from others – what you typically think of with self-help – to really empowering ourselves, and taking charge of our journey.
This idea resonates so much with what I believe in personal responsibility, self-motivation, and recognizing just how crucial our actions are in growing and evolving.
It's all about taking the driver's seat in our own lives: HELP-SELF

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