Dear Professor Galloway

Right before joining Professor Galloway on his podcast, I came across a quote from him that got me thinking. 

He says, "Don't follow your passion; follow your talent."

It's a smart perspective. And today, I want to offer a counterpoint.

Throughout my life, I've always been drawn to ideas that center around the things I love. It's never been about chasing the biggest opportunity or jumping on the latest trend. Instead, I ask myself, "What am I most enthusiastic about?"

Back in the early 90s, I switched from eating bagels, lox, and waffles for breakfast to only having fruit. I got super into juicing before it became mainstream. When the first fresh-squeezed juice places opened up in New York City, like my friend Doug's Organic Avenue, I had an idea: "There should be a juice bar... as in a bar with alcohol."

The idea marinated like a watermelon soaking up vodka in a college dorm room.

So, why not create a bar where we soak the fruit in alcohol and make all the drinks out of fresh-squeezed juice? It would be the healthiest bar in the world!

So we did. And we called it Soaked.

I managed to secure the rooftop deck at the Mondrian Soho for three nights a week. We put down turf, created a unique atmosphere, and it became the hottest bar in town with lines around the corner. Suddenly, I was in the bar business for three years until the hotel was sold.

This experience taught me that opportunities are everywhere if you pursue what you're enthusiastic about. I had no prior experience in the bar industry. From the logo and name to the drink menu and even the ice cube size, I had to learn it all from scratch. But I was excited about it!

So, while I love Professor Galloway's perspective, and his quote has merit, I believe that when I'm enthusiastic about something, my talent shines through. My passion fuels my drive to learn, adapt, and excel in new areas.

The takeaway? Don't be afraid to chase your passions or something you're excited about. Your enthusiasm can be the catalyst for discovering and developing new talents you never knew you had.

Oh, and the second takeaway – if Professor Galloway ever invites you on his podcast, definitely accept. He’s super interesting, and I’m honored to have been a guest.

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