Clarity is Key

I sat in a conference room alone. I had been brought in to consult. And then...

Each member of the team, one by one, came in, and I asked a simple question: "Describe what your company does."

As the responses rolled in, I couldn't help but notice the lack of consistency.

Each executive offered a different take on the company's mission and purpose. "We sold home equipment," one said. "We made people healthier," offered another.

The answers varied widely, revealing a troubling lack of alignment among the leadership team. I knew they were in trouble.

So, what was the takeaway from all of this?

It was simple: clarity matters.

As business owners, we had to articulate our company's mission in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

It wasn't just about having a mission statement– it was about ensuring that every member of the team understood and embraced that mission as their own.

Amazing things can happen when everyone in an organization is aligned around a common purpose.

Oh, and guess what…

That company is no longer in business.

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