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Learn Jesse’s Best Practices To Grow Your Business and Influence

1. Have a “Hot 25-50” list - Make a list of people that can help advance your goal. Every quarter, email or reach out to stay on their radar. 

2. Direct message people - DM on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter. A large percentage of people open their DMs. Way less clutter than other channels like email. Try it and watch what happens! 

3. Have a hometown restaurant - Know one place you can go to where you can always get in and are always comfortable sending clients or prospects to. Walk in like a hero.  

4. Console, Compliment, and Congratulate - Three things to ALWAYS do for customers, family, friends, and people you're developing a relationship with. Be there for support during the bad times, celebrate their wins, and always go out of your way to compliment and tell people when they make you proud. 

5. Hot spots are free - Go where the major players in your industry congregate. Every town has a “Beverly Hills Hotel” and you don’t need to be staying there to go there. Surround yourself with the right people and learn by watching. 

6. Buy the cheapest seats - Buy the cheapest tickets to a sporting event (or any event) where people you want to meet are. You don't have to go to those seats—you don’t even have to watch the event! Hang out by the lounges and network.  

7. Write and send handwritten letters - Letters are memorable and personal. They show a stronger intent than email or print. Don’t expect a response... trust that they read it. People open and read mail. It’s been a habit of mine since childhood, and its even more relevant in today's digital world.   

8. Stand up before a meeting - Sitting down creates super low energy. Stand up and give a proper greeting. Set the tone from the beginning. Mention how excited you are for the opportunity and show your energy with your voice, smile, and by standing. 

9. Follow up on every single thing you do - Many of my “yes’s” have come after getting a firm “no.” Take your time and think about the best time to reach out and respond after a meeting. It’s another chance to close somebody on what you’re trying to accomplish. Leave no rock left unturned.  

10. Do the unexpected - People expect you to do what you say you will do... so DO MORE. Be creative. Surprise people. The unexpected is memorable.

11. Be a connector - It costs nothing to make an introduction or recommendation. BUT… don’t ask for anything in return. Person to person. Person to product. Connect people because that’s what you do! Trust that it will come back to benefit you in other ways. 

12. Show up - Lots of deals and introductions happen at events that didn't want to go to. If you have to be somewhere (even if you don’t want to go), always show up with a smile. 

13. Stay late - Cool people show up late and stay late. Always be the last to leave. The end is less crowded and that's often where strong connections and sales are made. 

14. Write a proper email - Read: 'How to Craft an Email to Get a Response'

15. Be known for something - It can be a tie you wear, a charity you support, or even your friendliness... but, stand out. A guy who would pitch me from Goldman Sachs sends me Halloween candy every year. He is now known as “The Candy Guy” in our house. He has positioned himself through a simple mailer as someone that now always stands out at crowded conferences because of something as simple as sending candy.