I Like to Write

Here we go—the first blog post.

How am I doing so far?

Okay then, I’ll keep going; I just wanted to say hello and welcome everyone who’s reading this. I appreciate you taking the time. And we’ll see where this goes because truthfully, I have no idea. I have some thoughts, but every creative endeavor I’ve ever taken on rarely ends up where I think it will. So I always try to leave my crystal ball at home and stay flexible with a new plan.

But one thing I know is that I like to write—I’ve been doing it most of my adult life. I’ve written songs for other people, jingles, thank you notes, books, rhymes, speeches, wedding vows and to-do lists, which my wife says are quite detailed and thorough. And I want to keep writing. So right now I see this as a place where I’ll share my experiences as an entrepreneur, at home, and in life.

I’ve been on the battlefield building brands and businesses for nearly three decades. Some of them have been successful, but I’ve also collected my share of bumps and bruises along the way. So I’ll talk about what worked, what didn’t and how some of my biggest mistakes have led to even bigger and better opportunities. Some days I’ll talk about motivation and mindset and others times I’ll focus on fitness and nutrition. But I also want it to be fun, personal and current so I’ll share every day $h*t too.

So I guess I’d say there’s only one rule for this blog—there are no rules.