Hell on the Hill is a test of human endurance and will. It pushes the limits physically and mentally. 100 times up …and 100 times down.

It’s hot. It’s slippery. Footing is not easy to come by. The downhill is brutal. The incline is deceiving. The hill is boring. The hill is relentless.

This started as a simple challenge. One day after running 10 hills as a workout a friend asked “has anyone ever ran 100 hills?”  “100? Are you mad,” I asked. “Nobody is running 100 of these things!”

3 years later thousands have come to conquer the hill. It’s been fun and emotional, but it’s not been easy.

Hell on the Hill has grown to become an annual event. The return rate of competitors year over year is close to 100%. Once you do the hill…you do it again!

Welcome to HELL.