You didn’t come this far, to only come this far.

Let’s keep the fire burning!

Thank you all so much for your time, commitment and passion for the “Build Your Life Resume” mini-course. I loved getting to know many of you through the process. I truly hope we all got a little closer to creating winning habits, winning routines and winning mindsets. It’s been an amazing journey and after much thought…I DON’T WANT IT TO END.

I recognize how hard it is to break old habits, to try new things and to be open to different ways of thinking. It takes time and it usually takes a consistent “voice” in your head. I want to be that voice!

For those that want to continue, I look forward to taking this up a level with you. What exactly does that mean?

Monthly check-ins
Regular communication is super important
Let’s stay connected and learn together

Private community
We all saw the power of accountability and a support group
Sharing goals and ups (and downs) over a year will benefit us all

Access to my mentors
Learn from the same advisors that I use in business, wellness and mindset

In-person retreats
Nothing beats personal interaction
I want to connect face-to-face

Imagine what we can accomplish in a year




Bananas With Jesse


Starts Nov 5

  • Weekly live check-ins with Jesse (3x per month)
  • Continued guidance on the 4 buckets covered in BYLR
    • 1. Business
    • 2. Wellness
    • 3. Mindset
    • 4. Goal Achievement
  • Book club
  • $19.99/monthly



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Starts Nov 6

  • Bananas with Jesse (weekly live check-ins with Jesse 3x per month)
  • 1 featured lecture per month (Jesse)
  • 1 featured lecturer per month (Guest)
  • 2 in person retreats/year (next retreat April 17th in Atlanta)
  • Pop up Q+A sessions
  • Continuous private FB access
  • Annual commitment
  • $250/month or $2K Pay In Full


Pay in Full
Pay First Installment

BYLR Mastermind

Two Day Intensive

Nov. 12th – 14th

  • 1:1 Goal setting kickoff call with Jesse
  • 1x in-person intensive retreat at Jesse’s house (3 days and 2 nights).  Workshop, lectures and strategy sessions.
  • 1x group adventure at Jesse’s lake house during the intensive retreat
  • Enrollment in the 365 program:
    • 1 featured lecture per month (Jesse)
    • 1 featured lecturer per month (Guest)
    • 2x in person retreats
    • Exclusive FB community
  • 5 spots remain
  • $10,000


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For those of you that are not ready to take the next step – that’s ok. Lets stay connected and hopefully meet in-person at one of our challenges or retreats. In the interim – I’d like to leave you with this:

  • Take inventory of the enormous opportunities we all have
  • Create memories. Think in moments not minutes.
  • Have the end of the movie (your goal) in your head. The script may change, but the goal remains the same.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have ups and downs.
  • Don’t get off the bike! Keep pushing towards your goals
  • Put something BIG on the calendar over the next 365 days.
  • Remember, your goal is a LIFESTYLE for the duration of time it takes to achieve that goal.
  • And….operate with urgency.

Let’s keep the fire burning!!