Build Your Life Resume

You Didn’t Come This Far…
To Only Come This Far.

I don’t believe in resumes in the traditional sense. I believe in life resumes. Building experiences, creating memories, doing more. That’s why I set up this program. To specifically help coach people to their potential. You’ll join a community of others looking to challenge themselves and build a life resume.

If you have a specific goal or are facing a big challenge—this course will help you cross the finish line.

Designed for people who want a fire lit underneath them, this program provides the match, lighter fluid and kindling wood. I’ve spent the last several years helping others rebrand their business, increase sales numbers, start new companies and motivate/train for a big race. More importantly, I’ve helped people steer their day to day lives toward a much fuller and balanced lifestyle.

Whatever your goal is—this course can benefit you greatly. Your goal will become my goal. Build Your Life Resume. BYLR.

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Call Topics Include:

  • Building your life resume
  • How to develop a won’t stop mentality
  • Growing your business and influence
  • Normal is broken – how to differentiate
  • Understanding your relationship with time
  • Give me energy
  • What winners do
  • Your life meter – how do you rank?
  • Keeping the fire burning
  • Plus specific tips for entrepreneurs and business owners

For just 4 payments of $99 you’ll receive:

  • Weekly group coaching calls with Jesse
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Goal guidance and mindset training
  • Accountability partners
  • Entrepreneur lessons and tips
  • I fully stand behind this program. If at any point you are not satisfied I will refund 100% of your money back.

Why Am I Doing This? 

I speak all over the country and am shocked at some of the coaching programs being sold today.  $3,500 a month programs from people that have not WALKED THE WALK.  They are marketers not coaches. My goal here is simple…offer the best program that yields lifelong results for $99 a month.

I have spent my life walking the walk NOT marketing the walk.  I have started companies and sold companies to Warren Buffett and Coca Cola. I have had partners, but have also done it solo. I have both bootstrapped businesses and raised capital. And, I have completed multiple endurance events (100 mile run, ultra paddleboard races, etc), yet I have also suffered defeat having dropped out of many races. The point is….I’ve walked it.

Come walk it with me.